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Epoxy.com Product #633

Guide Spec - Installation as a High Build Floor Coating System

RESINOUS FLOORING SPECIFICATION - Chemical Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating

1. Scope of Work

1.1 The resinous flooring contractor shall furnish all labor, and material.

2. Related Work Specified Elsewhere

2.1 Resinous flooring material provides an impermeable barrier against rising moisture. All Substrates must therefore be free of ground water effects and verified as such prior to installation of system.

2.2 All surface preparation shall conform to manufactures surface preparation procedures - http://www.epoxy.com/surfaceprep.aspx.

2.3 Facilities. The resinous flooring contractor shall be provided with dry storage space for materials and equipment and with suitable electric current at no charge for the processing tools and mixing devices running on electricity.

3. Material

3.1 Resinous flooring material shall be Epoxy.com Product #633, as distributed by Epoxy.com a division of Epoxy Systems, Inc. (Florida and Vermont). Material shall also include an appropriate anti-skid material as required. Primer shall be Epoxy.com Product #12. Coating shall be Epoxy.com Product #633 is a 100% solid, pigmented chemical resistant epoxy coating.


Color See color chart below
Solids Content 100%
Gloss 60 F 100
Mix Ratio 2A to 1B by volume
Pot Life 20 minutes @ 75 F
VOC 0%

3.1.2   DRY TIME

Foot Traffic 10-12 hours
Recoat  - Minimum 4 - 12 hours (Depending on Temperature)
Recoat - Maximum   24-36 hours (Depending on Temperature)
Service 5 days


Acetic Acid 20% R
Acetic Acid 56% L - 24 hour
Acetic Acid 84% L - 24 hour
Acetic Acid (Glacial) L - Hourly Cleanup
Acetone L - Hourly Cleanup
Bleach R
Citric Acid R
Crude Oil R
Diesel Fuel R
Ethylene Glycol R
Fatty Acids R
Gasoline R
Hydrochloric Acid-36% R
Hydraulic Fluid R
Lactic Acid R
Methyl Ethyl Ketone L - Hourly Cleanup
Nitric Acid - 10% R
Perchloroethylene R
Propylene Glycol
   Monomethyl Ether
Skydrol R
Sodium Hydroxide - 50% R
Sulfuric Acid-10% R
Sulfuric Acid-50% R
Sulfuric Acid-70% R
Sulfuric Acid-98% R
Toluene R
Urine R
Xylene R
R-Recommended for continuous service
L-Limited recommendation, occasional spills


Tensile Strength ASTM-D-638 10,400 p.s.i
Adhesion to concrete ACI Committee 403 300 p.s.i - 100% concrete failure
Hardness ASTM-D-2240 86 Shore D
Abrasion Resistance ASTM-C-501 CS-17 Wheel 30 mg lost
Service Temperature MIL- D-3134F Up to 180-325 degrees F. Dry Heat
Elongation 2.5%

3.2 Color shall be FROM THE MANUFACURER�S STANDARD COLORS as specified by the architects.

3.3 Type and gradation of anti-skid additives used (if any) shall be those recommended by the manufacture of resinous flooring resin.

3.4 Samples. Before installation begins, resinous flooring contractor shall provide 2 samples of each color for approval by the architect.

4.  Acceptance of Substrate

4.1 Before installing any resinous flooring system, the applicator shall inspect the substrate and immediately report to the general contractor, architect, or owner any unsatisfactory conditions.

5. Preparation of Substrate

5.1 Surface preparation shall be done accordance with manufacturer's . At a minimum the concrete surface which is to receive the resinous flooring system must be dry, clean, and free from contamination. Any loose or corroded segments of existing concrete shall be removed and the area patched with a grouting compound as described and supplied by the manufacturer of the resinous flooring system.

5.1.1 Any cracks in the concrete shall be evaluated by the ENGINEER. In the event that the ENGINEER decides that it is cost effective and necessary, all cracks (if any exist) shall be injected by Epoxy.com Product #303 injection resin (non-moving cracks). Upon the approval of the Engineer Epoxy.com  Product #684LV Crack Sealer and Healer, may be used to repair the cracks. The cost, and specifications of these repairs (if necessary) will not be part of this section, but shall be handled under section of this specification.
5.1.2 In the event that the ENGINEER decides not to inject the cracks (if any exist), CONTRACTOR shall fill the cracks with an elastic jointing compound compatible with the resinous flooring system used.

5.2 Bond tests as recommended by the manufacturer of the resinous flooring system shall be conducted in order to assess the condition of the prepared substrate. No materials shall be applied without the consent of the resident Engineer.

6. Installation:

6.1 Resinous flooring system shall be installed at a minimum depth of 20 mils thick DFT in strict accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions, by an applicator trained and approved by the manufacturer.

6.2 Primer: Apply a coat of Epoxy.com  Product #12 or other primer recommended by the manufacturer for the specific application at a rate recommended by the manufacturer. Any cracks in the concrete that exist at this time shall be evaluated by the ENGINEER.

6.3 Base Cove: A base cove of 4 inches high will be applied to all wall surfaces where noted in this section or on the drawings. The base cove (if any required) shall be installed so as to have a 1/2 inch radius at the bottom of it.

6.4 TopCoating: Apply two coats of Epoxy.com Product #633 Novolac Epoxy Resin Coating at a thickness so as to insure a total thickness of the system of not less than 20/1000 inch dry film thickness. This coating will contain an anti-skid plastic bead.  The size of the anti-skid bead will be called out on the plans.  The anti-skid is available in fine and large.


Proper mixing and installation is critical to the optimal success of all products.  See Installation Tips, Techdata, & MSDS for more details on our products.  Be sure to contact us with any questions and/or concerns that you have.

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